lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Describing a special friend : Sarah

We are lucky to have an amazing friend in New York: Sarah Mirabile. She has been our conversation assistant this school year and we have learnt so much with her. We're really thankful for all that she did and we want her to know that she'll be always in our hearts. This is what the students in 4th A have to say about her.

Describing Sarah

Sarah is a special teacher for every student in our class. She is a very good teacher. Her games are cool!

Sarah is pretty, cool, happy and funny. She’s kind and friendly. Sarah is awesome!

Sarah likes polar bears but she doesn't like sharks or eating snails.

Sarah has got long wavy blond hair. She's got beautiful blue eyes. She's got a pretty smile. She is always smiling!

Sarah has got a black jacket and jeans. She's got a brown bag. She's got red shoes. She hasn't got glasses but she's holding sunglasses in her right hand. She hasn't got a scarf. Her left thumb is up as if she's playing seven up!

Sarah has got a lot of friends in San José de la Rinconada.

This photo is beautiful because Sarah is on it!

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  1. Seño esto es de mi hermana:
    Sarah te hecho de menos
    me gustan tus juegos


  2. Todos la echamos de menos :-(
    But we can keep in contact! Welcome to our blog Patricia!

  3. This is true, all the student remember Sarah :-(

    I´m Lucía Rodríguez

  4. Patricia: ¡Te echo de menos! Eres muy especial. ¡Muchos abrazos! Besos, Sarah

  5. To my beautiful, wonderful, smart, and kind students:

    Thank you so much for writing about me on this blog! I think your words are so special. The words in the book that you gave me are also so special, and I can't wait to show everybody in my family how well you speak English and how kind you all are.

    I have returned from my vacation and I am now leaving for the U.S.A tomorrow! It is going to be very difficult to leave Sevilla, but I know that next year I can come back to visit you all and so that is exciting!

    Right now, I'm looking forward to seeing my family. My Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Will are all going to hear about each and every one of you when I get home. They think you are great, too.

    Congratulations on finishing 4th grade! Now it is time to relax and enjoy the summer!

    Please stay in touch with me, and send me emails whenever you like. You can write in English or in Spanish! But of course, I know you can write in English very well so you must try :)

    I miss you all already.

    BIG HUGS (abrazos fuertes),

    1. So nice to hear from you Sarah! We love you!

    2. My too love Sarah! Javier Nvarro

    3. Sarah are a teacher to my alwais.

      Javier Navarro

  6. Thank you Javier! What are you doing this summer? I am back in New York and showing this blog to my Mom right now!