sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Happy school year!

Are you ready? See you on Monday at 12:00! Bring your notebooks and a hard working attitude!

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  1. Hello Maria.I like very much the design of the blog and the stars.I see that you hang the stars in the door of the classroom.I was happy when I know that you are going to be my teacher in 5º.

    Bye, bye. Pablo Martin.

    1. Thank you, Pablo! I'm so happy to be your teacher again! See you tomorrow!

  2. Hi everyone! I am so happy that Maria is teaching your 5th grade class this year. You are going to have an incredible year and I really hope that you work hard on your English. I hope you had fantastic summers and that you are ready to work hard now. I miss you all so much! Lots of love and hugs, Sarah