viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

News from Sarah!

Sarah wants to share these amazing pictures of Jaén with you! Practise your reading skills and leave your comments!

Picture #1: On my first day in Jaén, Juan Antonio and his wife took me to the see the most beautiful sites in the city. The first place that we went was to the Santa Catalina castle that sits on the top of the hill that this city is tucked in to, but on the way, we had this amazing view of the cathedral!

Picture #2: When we finally made it up to the castle, we saw not only the castle itself, but this amazing and HUGE cross that is located right next to it.

Picture #3: Juan Antonio and his wife insisted on taking a picture of me with the city of Jaén behind me, and it came out very cool in fact! You can see the cathedral, the city, and the olive plantations in the background.

Picture #4: Jaén is even more beautiful at night. I love the view of the city from the castle at night; magical, no?

Picture #5: Here is a picture of the actual "lobby," or main entrance, to my school! It's very different from your school but it is a great place and they love learning English as well.

7 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful pictures! I feel like being in Jaén right now! Thank you so much, Sarah! We miss you!

  2. Beautiful photos! thank you Sarah!kisses from Srah and you teacher!;)


  3. Is very nice.

    Andrea López Payán.

  4. Girls - if you ever come visit here with your families, you must tell me!!! I hope school is going well so far...

    Love, Sarah

  5. Hi sarah,I wanted to say that ours is over , but I still love you.
    Marta y Andrea López Payán.

  6. Yuo are great Sarah!!!!!!!!!
    Javier Navarro Navarro

  7. Marta and Andrea: I miss you smiles. You girls are so special. Please keep studying English and showing some much energy at school!!! Abrazos.

    Javier: I miss your smile too!! How is everything at school? Are you excited for Christmas?

    You all know my email address. Email me whenever you want!