domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter everyone!! How was your week off from school? Did you enjoy the holiday celebrations? I traveled to Italy to visit my friend Ariana. We had a great time. I miss you all and can't wait to see you later in the spring!


  2. Hi Sarah! I'm so happy to know that you had a great time! We are looking forward to meeting you soon too! Our letters were sent on Friday the 22nd! So, they must be about to arrive!
    Lots of love,

  3. The students LOVED the letters and the drawings! You are all such great artists!!

    1. All of my students keep telling me how much they loved your drawings! Again, thanks guys! Lots of love from Sarah!

  4. That's just fantastic! We're extremely happy to know that! :-)

  5. Hi guys! Thank you for saying that! We're happy to know that you love our letters! You guys are cool!

    We love your pictures too! They are fantastic and terrific! Thank you for the letters! They are amazing! We're so happy with them! We hope that we can write back soon.

    Sarah, we want to see you soon. We are happy to know that you're coming later in spring!

    * Sarah, I'm Marcos. Did you write the letter from Manuel? Are you coming to feria in San José?
    * I'm Lucía R. Did you like Italy?
    * I'm María T and María H. Do you like the feria? Do you like the feria in Sevilla? Did you go to the Tower of Pisa?
    * I'm Gonzalo. For how long were you in Italy? Did you eat pizza in Italy?
    * I'm Mario. Do you like the attractions in feria? Do you like singing sevillanas?
    * I'm Paula. Do you like Jaén?
    * I'm Miguel. Do you like tómbolas in feria? Do you like the "train of the witch" in feria?
    * I'm Alba. Are you happy with your students in Jaén?
    * I'm Joaquín. Do you like the tents at feria?
    * I'm Alejandro. Do you like dancing sevillanas? Did you meet Papa Francisco in Italy?
    * I'm Pablo A. I hope that your students can go to the feria in Sevilla.
    * I'm Álvaro. Do you like horror attractions? And water attractions?
    * I'm Javier G. Do you like riding a horse in feria?
    * I'm Alicia. Do you have a flamenca dress for feria?
    * I'm Mª Ángeles. Are you dancing sevillanas in the casetas? Is your family coming to feria?
    * I'm Lucía M. I'm so happy because we still keep in contact.
    * I'm María Montaña. Does your family like feria?

    Happy spring!
    Your always students in Sevilla.

  6. Oh my Gosh, what an amazing surprise to see. A message from each of the students I love so much! Now I will start responding...

    Marcos - I would like to come to school the first week of June to visit. Is that the week of feria?
    Lucía R - I loved Italy! The pizza was fantastic and the ruins were beautiful.
    María T and María H - Of course I love the feria in Seville! Nope, I didn't see the Tower of Pisa :(
    Gonzalo - I was in Italy for 5 days. I was in Rome and yes, I ate a lot of pizza!
    Mario - I love the attractions, especially the ferris wheel! I don't know how to sing, though :(
    Paula - I do like Jaén! It is very beautiful and the students are great, like you!
    Miguel - What are the tómbolas and the "train of the witch"? Tell me about these traditions!
    Alba - I'm very happy with my students, but I miss you all, all the time.
    Joaqín - Yes, I love the tents. I went one evening with María!
    Alejandro - I love dancing sevillanas, but I am very bad!! In Italy I heard Papa Francisco speak at Palm Sunday mass, but I didn't meet him personally.
    Pablo A - Thanks for the kind message! You're so nice!
    Álvaro - I've never been to any horror attractions. Do you like them? I love water attractions!
    Javier G - The horses are SO beautiful, aren't they?
    Alicia - This year I did not have a dress, although in the past I had one. They are so gorgeous!
    Mª Ángeles - I danced with your teacher!! My family didn't come, but I sent them pictures of feria!
    Lucía M - I'm so happy too :-)
    María Montaña - My family thinks the feria is amazing. They would like to visit and go one day!

    Happy Spring to you all, too!!

    1. Lucía Rodríguez Meirinhos24 de abril de 2013, 23:03

      Hello Sarah,
      The train of te wich is an attraction that there is a person and is wearing a witch costume and you have to steal the broom. And the tombola is like a bingo and you can win a jam or a bike.

    2. Thanks for answering that great message that we write and it's a shame not see the papa.


  7. Hi Sarah,
    I miss you a lot and you know that your classes will be there to love you forever.

    Lots of love,
    Marta López Payán 3ºB

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for answering many questions and one by one.

    You are the best,
    Andrea López Payán 5ºA.

  8. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for the have written so much so that we can knowthe answers to some children in our classes we´ve done.

    Thank you very much,
    Mariangeles Ruiz 5ºA

  9. Hello Sarah,
    thank you very much for everything you've written and have answered for us.
    We all hope to see you soon.
    Thank you so much,
    hugs and kisses
    Alba cordobes gonzalez 5ºA

    1. Thank you for the letter Sara!You are so nice to!I´m waiting for you to come.Sure we´ll be asking many questions.

      Pablo Alcázar Sánchez

  10. Hello Sara. Thank you for all. You are very cool B). Please came to my class quickly.

    Kisses, Pablo Martín.