domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

London, city of the Olympics 2012

We know a lot about London now that we finished reading London, a day in the city, Part 1. We love London, don't we?

As you know, I was in London last December. Why don't you leave a comment with the places you can recognize in the following video? Students at St. Joseph's are very welcome to participate!

Watch video here

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  1. Hello Maria and students!
    I am glad you had some dry weather when you came to London. We are having lots of rain at the moment.
    We spotted Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Harrods which suggests that you like shopping.
    We also saw the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London.
    Michaela Mouquet, St. Joseph's Catholic Infant School

    1. Hello! I've always been lucky with the weather there! We're pleased to read your comment! Thank you very much!

  2. Paula Cambil.
    I can see: Apple market, Hyde Park, Big Ben and london Eye.

  3. Lucía Rodríguez

    I can see:Apple market,covent garden,Hyde park,Big Ben,london Eye,Tower bridge london,Wizard of Oz musical,Sain Paul's cathedral,Nottiing Hill and Harrods gallery.

  4. Pablo Martin.
    I can see:Apple Market,Hyde Park,Big Ben,River Thames and London Eye.

  5. Well done, Pablo! You got a sticker! Did Alberto watch the video?

  6. Pablo Martin.
    Yes and he liked.My mum watched too.

  7. Alejandro Serrano
    Ican see:Apple Market,Big Ben,
    Hyde Park,London Eye,Oxford Street
    and Tower bridge

  8. Good job , Alejandro! Remind me to give you a sticker on Monday! Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks you for the sticker.

    Lucía Rodríguez Meirinhos.

  10. My sister,my mom and my likes the video.

    Lucía Rodríguez Meirinhos.