domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Mengíbar... Thank you for your letters! :-)

Dear friends in Mengíbar,

Thank you so much for your letters and the postcard! We love them! We solved the crossword too! Our letters were sent last Friday. We hope that you receive them soon!

Did you read about our Valentine's celebration on the blog? It was late but we had a great time! We're preparing our Andalucía Day celebration now. What about you?

Love from Sevilla.

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  1. Dear friends in Sevilla,

    Thank you for the letters! We love the letters. We received the letters on Thursday, 7th of March, 2013.

    It's raining!!!!! Is it raining in Sevilla?

    We will write soon :)

    Bye bye,
    Your friends in Mengíbar