miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Letter from Sarah!

Hi students!
What about your summer vacation? Are you having a great time? I am! :-) And I'm happy to receive a letter from Sarah! Why don't you write her back on the blog? It would be so kind of you... Don't you think so? :-)

3 comentarios:

  1. I´m Pablo Martín. I also never forget you. I hope you are good with your students. I hope you are happy because I write you in english. I came back from Asturias yesterday, Have you ever been to Asturias? It´s very beautiful. I´m happy to hear from you and know what things are you doing. Good holidays with your family.

  2. Hi Pablo! Sarah is flying to the States today. She'll be so happy to read your message when she's settled at home! :-)

  3. Hi Pablo! I'm sorry that I am seeing this very late. It is SO wonderful to hear from you. I have been to Asturias and it is beautiful, so I hope you enjoyed it. Guess what? I am now a 6th grade Spanish teacher! How is your new school? Lots of hugs! - Sarah