lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

An email from Sarah!

Hi everyone!!

This is Sarah! How are you? I cannot believe that it is already June, 2014 and you are about to finish school. It has been over two years since I left your school but I still think about each and every one of you very often. I am still living in Madrid but in two weeks I will travel home and officially move back to New York. I am so excited to be home with my friends and family, but it will be very hard leaving Spain!!

I have sent some photos to María to show you where I've been living and what I've been doing this year.

I want you to know that you are all very special and I hope you have great success at the end of this year!

Lots of love,

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am so happy :) to know about you.I miss you a lot, I want to see you.
    Puts my happy knows that you are going to go to New York again, to see your family and friends.
    I hope to see you soon,
    Andrea López Payán.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    How about your live? hope that you visit us one more time.
    We miss you a lot,
    Lot of love,
    Lucía Rodríguez Meirinhos.