domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

London, city of the Olympics 2012

We know a lot about London now that we finished reading London, a day in the city, Part 1. We love London, don't we?

As you know, I was in London last December. Why don't you leave a comment with the places you can recognize in the following video? Students at St. Joseph's are very welcome to participate!

Watch video here

Rafa Nadal is excited about the Olympics

Rafa Nadal is looking forward to representing Spain at the Olympisc!

Rafa Nadal will be the flag bearer for Spain at the Olympics!

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

London 2012!

We are excited about the Olimpic Games in London! Our friends from St. Joseph's are working on the questions we made about the Olympics. They'll try to answer them back!

We would like to know…

1. When were the first Olympic Games?
2. Is it the first year the Olympics are celebrated in London?
3. In what year was the Olympic stadium built?
4. What day do the Olympics start and finish?
5. When do they light the torch?
6. When are the first games?
7. What times are the Olympic Games?
8. How many countries participate in the Olympic Games?
9. What teams participate in the Olympic Games?
10. What sports are in the Games?
11. How many people are part of one team?
12. Do many people go to the Olympic Games?
13. Where do the participants live during the Games?
14. Have the Olympic Games got a mascot?
15. What is the name of the mascot?
16. Is the mascot an animal?
17. What colour is the mascot?

Meanwhile, why don't you look at the Spanish synchronized swimming exercise for the Olympics? It's amazing!

Look at the video here!