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Sarah in Greece!

Hi students! How are you? What about your first day without school? Did you read Sarah's comments on the blog? More news about her now! Here you are some pictures of her trip in Greece. Sarah will post some comments here soon! Stay tuned, please! :-)

jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

You're awesome guys!

You're awesome guys!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful school year.

It was a pleasure to be your teacher.

Please, whatever it happens nex year, keep in contact.

I love you guys!

¡Y también os lo digo con música! You are awesome!

Rafa Nadal is happy :-)

Rafa Nadal says that it's an honor for him to be the carrier of the Spanish flag at the London Olympics. He'd like to thank all the Spanish Olympic federations for choosing him for that. He thinks that it will be one of the happiest moments of his career!

Having fun with the Olympic Mascots!

Would you like to know the story of the Olympic Mascots? You can find it by watching this video! Spanish or English? You can choose!

Out of a Rainbow (English).

Out of a Rainbow (Spanish).

Would you like to have more fun with Wenlock and Mandeville? Watch this video!

Adventures on a Rainbow (English).

Time for dancing now! Can you dance with them?

Mascot dance.

domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

A farewell song

Alicia and Lucía invented this beautiful song for Sarah to sing it in her last day with us. You can read the lyrics of the song and watch the video.

Oh Sarah!
Tú eres como las mañanas se levantan,
y un nuevo día comienza contigo.
Eres magnífica.
Tu inglés es maravilloso.
Oh Sarah!
Gracias por estar con nosotros aquí.
Eres maravillosa,
y la forma de aprender inglés contigo es muy divertida.
Oh, Sarah!
Tus costumbres en New York son muy bonitas.
Tú eres increíble.
Muchas gracias por estar con todos.

Repaso de 4º

Aquí os dejo unos cuantos enlaces para que repasar sea más divertido este verano :-)

- Inglés.
  Cool Kids 4 - Games and more.
  Cool Kids - Digital Classroom.

- Repaso de nuestros libros (Proyecto Trotamundos, Editorial SM). Pincha en el enlace, escribe el código de tu libro y acepta: www.primaria.librosvivos.net

- Conocimiento del Medio.
  Repaso (Editorial Anaya)
  Repaso de contenidos por niveles y materias

- Lengua.
  Repaso (Editorial Anaya).
  Actividades para imprimir.
  Repaso de contenidos por niveles y materias.

- Matemáticas.
  Repaso (Editorial Anaya)
  Actividades para imprimir.
  Repaso de contenidos por niveles y materias.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Describing a special friend : Sarah

We are lucky to have an amazing friend in New York: Sarah Mirabile. She has been our conversation assistant this school year and we have learnt so much with her. We're really thankful for all that she did and we want her to know that she'll be always in our hearts. This is what the students in 4th A have to say about her.

Describing Sarah

Sarah is a special teacher for every student in our class. She is a very good teacher. Her games are cool!

Sarah is pretty, cool, happy and funny. She’s kind and friendly. Sarah is awesome!

Sarah likes polar bears but she doesn't like sharks or eating snails.

Sarah has got long wavy blond hair. She's got beautiful blue eyes. She's got a pretty smile. She is always smiling!

Sarah has got a black jacket and jeans. She's got a brown bag. She's got red shoes. She hasn't got glasses but she's holding sunglasses in her right hand. She hasn't got a scarf. Her left thumb is up as if she's playing seven up!

Sarah has got a lot of friends in San José de la Rinconada.

This photo is beautiful because Sarah is on it!